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Multiple Messages & Schedule issue at restart


Hi Sandro,

I'm using the Adapter V6.0.0.0 on a BTS 2016 environment, with the following configuration : XmlStringStreamProvider class, Schedule type "TimeSpan", Interval 1 hours, every day.
I noticed several issues :
  • When I restart the receive location or the host instance, the scheduler always generates messages without respecting the scheduling defined
  • Whereas I'm expecting only one message in output, the scheduler generates twice.
  • In "Start Date" Field, if I put the date of today, the scheduler becomes crazy and generates thousands of messages simultaneously
We have added a class in ScheduledTask.TaskComponents project, by getting the source code (on and recompiling this dll.

The issues described in this post both happens with the custom and original TaskComponents dll.
But as the source code is not available for 6.0 version, we will have issues if a correction is made.
Is it possible to have the source code up to date ?

Thanks for your help.



palcarlsen wrote Aug 8 at 2:19 PM

I am experiencing the same issue. I suspect it might be an issue Connected to the use of TimeSpan with Unit = Hours and Interval = 1.

I have not had this issue using timespan Minutes and set the Interval to =90 or 5.

I am a bit confused about this since the exported bindings seems to changed all values to Seconds

wrote Oct 12 at 1:04 PM