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60\120 messages when starting port


Hi Sandro

Just using V6.0 on BizTalk 2016.

When I stop and start the project which has a scheduled receive location using the File stream provider I receive either 60 or 120 messages instantaneously depending on the machine I am using and then it continues in the correct manor .

I am using the FileStream provider and a 1 Min Timespan

Please let me know if you need any further information


Duncan Birt


danielby wrote May 23 at 10:55 AM

I had the same problem, Timespan with 1 min getting 120 messages when started.

I live in Sweden and we're UTC+2 (2h * 60 min/h = 120)

Turns out that I had to change DateTime.UtcNow to DateTime.Now in the source code to get rid of the problem.

wrote May 24 at 11:19 AM

kevinfoust wrote May 24 at 1:27 PM

I can also confirm this, Biztalk 2016, norwegian timezone, 3 minute timespan.

DuncanBirt wrote May 24 at 1:57 PM


This makes sense as I am getting 120 messages on the machine in our CZ (UTC + 2) data centre and 60 on my DEV machine (UTC +1 ) both with a 1 time span . I'll down load the source and make the change you have suggested .

kevinfoust wrote May 24 at 3:46 PM

I have also experienced that the scheduled messages will kick off immediately even if the start time has been set in the future by a minute or two. I tried out if I could get around the timezone issue by setting the start time two hours in the past (starts immediately with several messages) and two hours in the future (does not start prematurely). I ended up with setting a 3 minute timespan start 12 minutes in the future, and the scheduler kicked in at the right moment, but spammed the messagebox with a whopping 22925 messages before it was stopped after three minutes.

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Velimir72 wrote Oct 12 at 1:10 PM

This looks like a serious issue. I received over 40K messages in about 2 mins before i managed to stop it.
The schedule was set for 1 minute timespan.